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Who is JaeMo

Who is JaeMo?

Ja’Mel Ashely Ware aka JaeMo is a 30 year old Detroit native. 

Tastemaker | Peace Seeker | Creative Class Curator 

"What you see is not what you always get. Life is complex creating pockets of grey along the way" 

- Ja'Mel Ashely Ware


 Ja’Mel’s social intervention philosophies embody the ideas of embracing intersecting identities and practicing self-love while unifying and celebrating cultures. 

"The celebration of collective and individual identities creates thriving societies and authentically diverse cities." - Ja'Mel Ashely Ware

Intellectual Ratchet

IR is a culture curating brand founded 

in 2015. Natural to its roots IR uses entertainment as a means to address diversity issues in city living creating space for people to be their authentic self. Through its evolution an online community formulated to host conversations around societal and self-development. 

Its motto #LiveLifeIR means ‘Live Life Whole’. 


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